Why I love to take cold showers

Fostering my love for cold showers has transformed my life. I've completed two full-year cold shower challenges, and no matter how many times I do them, my body never becomes numb to them.

Diego Menchaca
May 13, 2024
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How it started

In April 2017, a good friend in Chile was going through a depression. Around that time, I saw a youtube video about how cold showers boost our immune system and overall well-being. 

The simplicity of such practice and the proposed psychological benefits struck me. This random 2 minute youtube video had me sold.

So, I decided to do a 30-day cold shower challenge. I called my friend and asked her to try this out and do a 30-day challenge together. We kicked off on May 1st, 2017; she did it from Chile, and I did it from the Netherlands.

I remember the first week; a cold shower at 7 am for 30 days was brutal. The shock of the cold water hitting my skin was painful, and I often found myself questioning why I was putting myself through this. But I persevered, knowing that the potential benefits were worth it. The sense of accomplishment after each shower, knowing I was pushing my limits, was invigorating.

Starting the day with a cold shower was equivalently masochistic and self-loving.

The cold showers did not get easier. Yet, I immediately noticed my mindset changing and my energy levels skyrocketing.

As the fourth week drew to a close, I felt a profound shift within me. I wondered, 'What if I extended this challenge to a full year, with cold water only?' And so, I made the decision to embark on a 365-day challenge.

The beauty of extending such a challenge throughout the year is the change of seasons and locations. That year, I took cold showers in more than ten countries; some cold showers were at 3900 meters in Bhutan on freezing mornings and others at sea level in Chile during the summer. 

Taking cold showers became this portable trick I could access anywhere to maintain mental hygiene.

May 1st 2018, marked the triumphant conclusion of my first year of full cold showers. If you've read this far, don't hesitate; take the plunge and start with a weekly challenge. Trust me, even if you do it for one day, it's worth it.

Going on and off

Since then, I have gone on and off with my cold shower addiction. Living in the Netherlands, a warm winter shower can be such a pleasure. For that reason, I would take breaks from cold showers and enjoy the warmth of a hot shower now and then.

Last May was my 5th anniversary of that first 365 cold shower challenge, so I celebrated it with a new year-long cold-shower-only adventure. 

2023 was the year I got back to Bhutan and experienced again that bone-chilling cold Himalayan water I love with all my heart. 

This video is from Laya, a remote village at 4000 meters on a cold autumn morning. In the absence of a shower, I used a bucket and let the sun bath me with its radiation.

My four favourite benefits of loving cold showers

Mental hygiene 

Silly enough, we shower (with warm water) to clean ourselves from bacteria, yet right at our fingertips every morning, we have available a blue nob that, if turned completely, can clean our bodies and take our minds to a gym. It's a twofold effect. The best part is that no matter how many cold showers I've taken, my body and mind never get numbed by them. I take them now with ease without shivering, but they still wake me up in every sense of the word. 

Caffeine-free energy boost

A good night's sleep is never guaranteed, yet a cold shower gets every cell of my body fired up for the day. No coffee or breakfast is needed. Just turning the blue nob all the way prepares me for the day. The colder the better.


Embracing the cold shower lifestyle has liberated me from needing a warm shower. Whether I'm in the heart of Patagonia or a remote village in Bhutan, I'm always equipped. There is no need to get picky about adjusting the temperature. Just embrace the cold and thank it for its wonders.

Immune system

clinical trial in the Netherlands showed that individuals who took a cold shower called in sick 29% less. 

Personally, the only time I got sick in the last seven years was with COVID-19, and of course, it was the time to put the cold showers to practice. Being my own boss, I can't afford to call in sick or not deliver at my highest capacity. Taking cold showers helps me stay fit and healthy, spilling over to my business.


In conclusion, my journey with cold showers has been transformative.

From a simple 30-day challenge to embracing a year-long commitment and beyond, the benefits I have experienced are undeniable. The mental clarity, energy boost, minimalistic lifestyle, and enhanced immune system have made cold showers an integral part of who I am.

No matter the ups and downs of life, it remains a constant companion, keeping me grounded and invigorated.

"The cold is merciless but righteous." - Wim Hoff

If you are considering doing a cold-shower challenge, I encourage you to do so, and if you want to chat about the experience, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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