Welcome to my /now page. Here are some things I'm now focused on.

Last updated May 15, 2024

💸  Clients

For Product Alchemy, I'm currently working with the following startups:
- Lobster Ink
- CloudNC

For Motion Gurus, the new animation service I launched in February, got this month it's first paying client 🥳:  
- GrowthMentors

🌀  Personal growth

I just finished a 365-day cold shower challenge and going in a row for another full year of cold showers only.

🗻  Preparing for

Improving my Dutch and gaining full fluency is right now my number one priority. I'm keeping steady at and seeing the benefits on a daily basis.

📘  Reading

After living in the Netherlands for nine years, I decided this year I'm going all-in, like full-obsession-all-in, to achieve complete fluency in Dutch.

One hack to speed this up is reading out loud, just like back in 5th grade.

For that reason, I'm currently reading "Wiplala" by Jan Terlouw.

If you are Dutch you will legitimately find it funny because Wiplala is a children's book, but no problemo 🤙, I just gotta keep at it ⛰️.