Welcome to my /now page. Here are some things I'm now focused on.

Last updated June 7, 2023

­čĺŞ ┬áClients

I'm currently working with the following startups:
- DesignPro
- Meal Garden
- Lobster Ink

­čîÇ ┬áPersonal growth

I'm back to taking only cold showers.

In May 2017, I decided to do a 30-day cold shower challenge, which led me to extend it to a full year and then to one of the best years of my life.

This May I've decided to commemorate May 2017 by taking only cold showers.

I'm still on my cold-shower streak. Man, I love them.

­čÄĄ ┬áPreparing for

On June 9 I'm giving an online talk for founders of Platanus Ventures on how to improve their product's UX without hiring a UX designer.

­čôś ┬áReading

I'm reading "The Creative Act" by Rick Rubin.

The reason I'm reading this is because I've become very intrigued by Rick Rubin. He is a fascinating person, combining mind-blowing success as a music producer and at the same time a person with down-to-earth philosophical views over life and creativity.