My Beloved Bhutan

The first time I came to Bhutan was in 2017, I was 29 back then. It was 4 month trip that changed my life for ever. When I left in 2017 I promised myself I would one day go back.

Diego Menchaca
November 5, 2023
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After 6 years I'm back in Bhutan. Not a week went by the last 6 years that I didn't dream of being back here.

On this occasion, I facilitated an intensive 2-month course on UX design.

I had the honor of sharing my passion and knowledge for UX/UI design with 17 young bhutanese.

The course participants were part of a volunteer task force called the Desuung. The members of this organisation play a key role in the combat of forest fires, natural disasters and supporting massive gatherings. As a way to help them grow and accelerate their careers they receive training in all sorts of skills, ranging from bakery to accounting. My training was on UX/UI design.

Where my love for Bhutan comes from

If you know me you know how much this country means to me. Bhutan is a fascinating country, with a rich culture and people with warmth and kindness I have never found anywhere else in the world.

My Bhutanese friends are part of my family and life story. They welcomed me into their homes and lives 6 years ago when I first visited Bhutan and now they did it again. I can't put into words how fortunate I feel.

If you are a foreigner and have never been to Bhutan, you will love this place. Bhutan is like no other place you can visit in this planet.

If you are Bhutanese and are reading this, you are so fortunate to come from this magical and beautiful place.

I don't take for granted a single day I have had the opportunity to see the Himalayan mountains all around me, spending time with so many good friends and witnessing the course participants give it all in learning how to design apps and websites that respect, empower and delight the user.

PS: Never stop dreaming, it's one of the few things AI won't get to do.

What's next

On November 24 I'm going back to my home in the Netherlands and resume my work with Product Alchemy, a one-man UX design agency. At the same time I can't help but to day dream when I'll get the chance to come back to Bhutan again and give a tight hug to all those people that mean so much to me.

Now that I'm ramping up my UX design I'm looking for new clients. Need a UX/UI designer to make your product kick-ass? I'm available!

Diego Menchaca
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